S I Buddhist Vihara Programs


6:00 AM Vandana & Meditation (individual Practice)

7:00 AM Morning Offering

11:00 AM Lunch Offering

7:30 PM Evening Offering & chanting


Wednesday 7:30 PM Meditation

Wednesday 8:30 PM. Dhamma Reading

Friday 6:00 PM Sinhala Class for Children

Friday 8.00 PM Dhamma Discussion Sinhala Medium


Fullmoon Day Observances And Dhamma Talk on Closest Sunday to The Fullmoon Day


January 1st New Year Blessing Service

April Sri Lankan New Year celebration

Month of May Vesak Ceremony(Buddha's Birth, Enlightenment & Passing away to Nibbana)

Month of July Invitation to The Monks to Observe Vassa

Month of October/November Kathina Ceremony

December 31st 7:30 PM Offerings to 28 Buddhas (Atavisi Buddha Puja)


Vesak Celebration is on May 22nd Sunday from 7.00 Am to 9.00 PM