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Pirith is the Sinhala word for paritta (in Pali), which means protection. "It protects one from all directions", is the traditional definition. This is the recitation or chanting of the word of the Buddha. www.pirith.org

Thripitakaya in Sinhala http://www.thripitakaya.org/

The Buddhist
The Buddhist is the Premier Buddhist Television Channel in Sri Lanka and is dedicated primarily to the spreading of the sacred Teaching of the Supremely Enlightened Buddha and issues associated with spiritual matters.

Buddhist Jataka Stories
This site contains 550 Buddhist Jataka Stories - Instructional stories of the Lord Buddha's past births. 550 ජාතකය. http://jathakakatha.lk/english/

Dhamma Talks by Kukulpane Sudassi Himi
පූජ්‍ය කුකුල්පනේ සුදස්සී ස්වාමීන්වහන්සේ විසින් විවිධ ගුවන් විදුලි හා රූපවාහිනී මාධ්‍යයන් තුළින් දේශනා කරන ලද ධර්ම දේශනා සංස්කරණය කොට ශ්‍රවණය කිරීම සඳහා ඇතුලත් කර ඇත.

The Corporate Body of The Buddha Educational Foundation
We are a Buddhist foundation based in Taipei, Taiwan, and it is our goal to promote the Buddha Dharma and to make the teachings freely available to the general public. We do not favour any one school or sect over another, and all are afforded equal respect.Please check our list of services, and we hope that you will find something that will benefit your practice and study of the Dharma. http://www.budaedu.org/en/

Venerable Maha Nayaka Rerukane Chandawimala Thero
Website of the most Venerable Maha Nayaka Rerukane Chandawimala Thero Lived in Sri Laka. http://www.rerukanemahanahimi.lk/index.php

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